Rizzuto Gioielleria is a MIMI jewelry retailer

MIMI Gioielli - FreeVola - Rizzuto Gioielleria - Sarzana - Lucca
An iconic collection. FreeVola reveals the true essence of MIMI. A symbol of poetry and freedom, FreeVola celebrates life, spontaneity, and the fun of reinventing yourself every day. A story of design steeped in color. Gold indulges in shape and form. Pavés light up the essential lines.
MIMI Gioielli - Lollipop - Rizzuto Gioielleria - Sarzana - Lucca - Sarzana - Lucca
Be yourself, express the real you, live in color, change... Earrings forged with the creativity and character of the woman who chooses, matches and wears them.
MIMI Gioielli - Giulietta e Romeo - Rizzuto Gioielleria - Sarzana - Lucca
“Sometimes words are not enough. And then you need colours. And shapes. And notes. And emotions.” - Alessandro Baricco
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